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  Most development and construction in the District of Columbia is accomplished as "by-right" or “matter-of-right.” Such development projects comply with all the standards of the zoning regulations. This regular permitting process is managed by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) without formal public input on design or use.

Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a planning tool intended to achieve developments and public benefits that are superior to those that would result from matter-of-right projects. A PUD involves extensive review by public bodies and neighborhood residents and is a process involving the DC Office of Zoning (DCOZ).


Through the PUD…
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Recent changes in lending rules have made your credit score even more important to your long-term economic health. Mortgage, credit card, auto and other lenders are now charging a higher rate for lower credit scores. Someone may now pay more for insurance or rent based upon their score.

What does this mean? In general, America’s credit scores have improved, but tens of millions of Americans are still forced to borrow at higher rates. For those who are in tough financial circumstances, these penalties are causing further strain on their resources.   

What does a low credit score cost the average American?  Credit scores can range from a low of 300 to a high of 850. In general, a credit score above 700 is considered good. From 600 to 700 is considered

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So many in America desire to become home owners. They know that home ownership is the most likely path towards financial security for their family as well as freedom from the tyranny of landlords. Indeed, Federal Reserve Board studies have shown that owners have a net worth many time that of renters. The goal of owning not only promotes financing security, but also promotes stability and the freedom of choice.

The next question is — why don’t more Americans purchase a home?

There are many obstacles on the road to achieving home ownership but studies by Mortgage Giant Fannie Mae have shown that the clear number one obstacle is the lack of liquid assets. Many Americans have the income and credit to qualify but amassing savings is difficult in this day and

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Most consumers understand that owning a home is a great tax shelter. But most consumers do not understand how great these benefits can be. This report will outline some of the major tax benefits of owning real estate. Indeed those who don’t take advantage of these benefits are missing out on the great government give-away!

The deduction of mortgage interest and property taxes. A homeowner can deduct the interest on their primary residence and second home up to a million dollars in total debt. You can deduct property taxes on homes you own as well. You can also deduct up to $100,000 in home equity debt, regardless of your use of the money. In the vast majority of the states the homeowner will receive a deduction on their state income taxes as well.


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Many first time buyers think that a buyers real estate market means that getting the best deal is easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. With foreclosures, short-sales and some homeowners not understanding the true value of their home in a slower market, the choices are numerous but as confusing as ever. More than ever a buyer needs a professional real estate agent to guide them through the process from shopping to contract presentation to settlement. There are many reasons not to go it alone.

The purchase of real estate represents the most important purchase a person makes in a lifetime. A purchase costing hundreds of thousands of dollars is not simple–it is complex. There are a multitude of things which can go wrong. With a Realtor leading you,

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  This past weekend we held our very first (re)Open House with wine, appetizers, music and shopping at 756 Lamont St NW rowhome in Columbia Heights, D.C.    A (re)Open House is part of our comprehensive marketing and promo package for Developers and Listing Clients to attract an array of demograpics to different projects in and around DC.
Over 150 people came out over the weekend to experience this beautifully renovated three story rowhome. They listened to music by DJ Philip Goyette, shopped vintage clothing by Notoriously Vintage & I Found That Vintage.

Check out the video of this home. It is in an awesome location -- one and a half blocks to the 11th Street neighborhood bars and restaurants, five blocks to the shopping complex of DCUSA AND…
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